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Complete Boxed
Package inc.

  • Proximity Clocking Terminal
  • 50 Proximity Cards / Fobs
  • Software for 50 / 100 or Unlimited Employees
  • Free Sage Payroll Link
  • Instruction Manual
  • 12 Months Software Support
  • 12 Months Hardware Warranty
  • Free Delivery




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"Excellent service - Sales representatives were very helpful and informative on each of the products I enquired about. Placed my order and the goods were with me within 2 days. Couldn't ask for better."
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5 Star
"First Class service. Very quick delivery, a very satisfied customer. :)"
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InTime Lite - Ultra robust clocking in system - employees clock in with non-contact proximity cards or key fobs.

  • Ultra robust clocking system with non-contact proximity cards - no more misreads.
  • Employees clock in and out by simply holding their proximity card or fob in front of the clocking terminal. Being non-contact, these have proven to be easier to use and much more reliable than swipe cards.
  • Comprehensive software calculates employees' hours and overtime according to your working patterns saving you time and money.
  • Graphical holiday, sickness and absence planners allow you to manage who is off and when, to ensure too many staff are not away at the same time.
  • Expanded report suite now includes fire roll call and Working Time Directive.
  • New optional module for real time employee in / out status, ideal for receptionist and managers to see at a quick glance who is in the building.
  • Option to link to Sage Payroll and other popular payroll packages.


The Intime Lite time and attendance system is a low cost yet powerful time recording solution, designed to eliminate the manual work for the payroll process, whilst allowing instant access to your employees time and attendance information ensuring complete workplace control saving time and money.

The time management software collects data from the clocking terminals and calculates the employees hours and overtime according to your definable working patterns. Even if employees miss clockings for whatever reason, this data can be easily edited on screen and automatically re-calculated. In addition, holidays, sickness, training and customised absence codes can also be recorded on an advanced, on-screen, graphical leave planner, ideal for ensuring you don't have too many staff away at the same time!



Pricing & Buy It Now

InTime Lite Proximity Package for 50 Employees
Includes: InTime Lite Software for 50 Employees, proximity clocking terminal with TCP/IP network connection, 50 employee proximity cards/fobs, FREE 12 Month Warranty, FREE 12 Month Software Support
Price £795
£954.00 incVAT
InTime Lite Proximity Package for 100 Employees
Includes: InTime Lite Software for 100 Employees, proximity clocking terminal with TCP/IP network connection, 50 employee proximity cards/fobs, FREE 12 Month Warranty, FREE 12 Month Software Support
Price £895
£1074.00 incVAT
InTime Lite Proximity Package for Unlimited Employees
Includes: InTime Lite Software for Unlimited Employees, proximity clocking terminal with TCP/IP network connection, 50 employee proximity cards/fobs, FREE 12 Month Warranty, FREE 12 Month Software Support
Price £995
£1194.00 incVAT
Additional Clocking Terminals & Fire Roll Call    
Additional Proximity Clocking Terminal
with Network Connection
Price £695
£834.00 incVAT
Fire Roll Call Software Price £295
£354.00 incVAT
Fire Roll Call Printer Price £395
£474.00 incVAT
Additional 5 Proximity Cards Price £25
£30.00 incVAT
Additional 5 Proximity Fobs Price £25
£30.00 incVAT
25 Slot Card Rack Price £34
£40.80 incVAT
On-site Installation and Training Package Price POA


How It Works


The InTime Lite system features a robust clocking terminal and comprehensive software. Once the clocking terminal has been installed and connected to your PC / Network either by a Serial or Network connection you can install and start to configure your software.

In the software configuration you can setup your company rules, departments, shift times, overtime rules and leave rules. Then its time to start adding your employees. This is quick and easy to do, simply create a new employee record with our easy to use wizard, enter the employees details, assign them to a shift and finally issue them a clocking card or fob. That's it your employee is now ready to start clocking.

When the employee clocks in they simply hold the non-contact proximity card or fob in front of the clocking terminal, the read is almost instant allowing employees to clock in quickly and easily with no misreads. The display confirms the employees name and direction of the clocking along with a audible beep, ensuring the clocking has been recorded.

You can quickly download the clocking data into the software as required just at the touch of a button. You can then view and edit employees clockings, hours and overtime, book employee leave, print reports and even link into your payroll package such as Sage Payroll.



Software Features

Calculates all types of working hours and overtime, removing all manual calculations saving time and money.

Standard or flexible working times for each day of the week may be setup per employee or groups, with easy to follow setup wizards.

Automatic highlighting of anomalies - lateness, absence, missed clockings, exceeded breaks etc.

Allows lunch and break clockings or automatic deductions.

On screen editing of clocking data and automatic re-calculation of hours. (Audit log to show if clockings have been added or altered).

Advanced leave recording for holidays, sickness, training etc, with the ability to create customised leave types.

Extremely comprehensive reporting suite for detailed or summary reports for employees and departments, with working time regulations report.

Extremely easy to setup and use 32Bit Windows software for standalone and network systems. (Compatible with all Windows operating systems).

Export facility to Microsoft Excel and CSV output files to payroll link packages.

Built in backup and restore facility for the database, with an archive database for leavers.

Packages to suit 50,100 or Unlimited Employees

Sample Screenshots (Click images to enlarge)

Employee Information

Clocking & Hours

Anomalies & Holiday Planners



Reports (Click images to enlarge)

The InTime system contains a selection of timesheet, leave and anomalies reports, some of the most popular reports are shown below.

Clockings and Hours Report

Date Range Clockings Report

Weekly Totals Report

Anomalies Report


Hardware Features

Robust ABS case.

Non-contact proximity fob or card.

Clear 40 Character display for Name, clocking number and clocking direction.

Will output to an external wall / desk mounted fire roll call printer; prints all employees on site, triggered by direct spur from fire alarm or a fire roll call card / tag.

Optional output to bell / siren etc for start / stop and breaks.

Will store up to 4000 clockings even if the PC is off.

Full time date & memory battery backup in the event of power failure.

TCP/IP network connection (Serial RS232 option available).

Dimensions - 230 x 160 x 80mm (W x H x D)



Real Time In/Out Status Software

This long awaited new product is the perfect compliment to the Intime Lite packages. It can be installed separately to the main clocking software and gives users a real-time view of employees currently on or off site.

Shows all employees, those highlighted in colour are on-site and those greyed out off site or you can view just the current employees who are in or out.

Filtering by department, building or site, with alphabetical listing option.

Multi-user capability.

Ideal for installing on managers or receptionists PC's, who would not normally have access to the time and attendance software, allowing them to quickly see who is on-site, especially in the event of an emergency.

Shows the employees "clocking in" time when the mouse cursor is positioned over their name.

Can be quickly printed in the event of a fire.

Fire Roll Call Printer

Although a fire alarm roll call can be printed from the software, a wall mounted fire roll call printer may be connected directly to the InTime clocking terminal, allowing you print out a employee register quickly and easily.

The roll call can be triggered with a special proxi card / fob or can even be linked into your fire alarm allowing the report to be generated automatically in the event of a fire.



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